• Your Fundraising Appeal Schedule for the Final Days of 2019
    by Give Lively on November 25, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    A tick-tock of everything you’ll need to send your supporters between Christmas and New Year’s Day.Updated November 2019Year-end giving is right around the corner, and 12% of all annual donations are made during the last three days of the year. Here’s your tick-tock schedule for social media posts and emails for those final days of the year. The schedule may seem like overkill, but these three days are a huge opportunity for your organization, and you’re not going to want to miss out. Plus, you can schedule most of these now to save you and your team extra work over the holidays. Now get going!December 24/25Schedule an email and a few social posts to wish your supporters happy holidays and to show gratitude for their support in 2019. No need for a pitch, but feel free to include something about all the good work your nonprofit did this year. Stories about individuals are especially powerful.December 26Get back into making hard pitches in your appeals after Christmas. Send at least one email and two social posts. Stress urgency by mentioning your goal, and the impact reaching that goal will have on your organization. Highlight that donors can deduct contributions made to your organization in April 2020.December 27Send another appeal via email and social media highlighting featuring a story about an individual your nonprofit helped. If you can, use images and video to bring their story to life. And don’t forget to ask for a donation.December 28Send similarly worded emails to anyone who didn’t open or click through your previous email. On social media, keep focusing on your message of urgency leading into New Years’ Eve, and stress the importance of hitting your year-end fundraising goal. You can also add a note that donors can support your organization even more by starting a monthly contribution that will run through 2020.December 30Go into overdrive with your message about tax deductible contributions, as many donors will be looking for last-minute opportunities to reduce their tax burden next year. Continue to highlight your nonprofit’s impact with beautiful, appealing imagery and stories about your organization’s impact.December 31Don’t be afraid to send multiple emails to donors on New Year’s Eve as it is the biggest online fundraising day of the year. Millions of donors will be looking for ways to give as this year comes to a close. Segment your audience to make sure donors who have already given don’t get bombarded with your appeals. If you don’t have a good way to do this with your email system, simply write a short note at the beginning of your email saying something like, “Please disregard this message if you’ve already contributed to our year-end campaign.”On social media, post throughout the day about progress towards your year-end goal, and talk up the real impact your organization will make by hitting that goal. If you’ve already passed your goal or are close to passing it, increase it by a few thousand dollars to raise even more.January 1Send an email on New Years’ Day thanking donors for participating in your year-end campaign, and telling them about the impact their donations will make next year. You can include a message for those who did not give that says something like, “Didn’t give in 2019? You can still support us by giving today.” Make sure to offer the ability to give on a monthly sustaining basis.We’re here to help you succeed with end-of-year fundraising. Visit our Resource Hub for detailed instruction and information on implementing our fundraising platform or reach us at [email protected]© Give Lively LLCYour Fundraising Appeal Schedule for the Final Days of 2019 was originally published in Give Lively on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • WEBINAR: GivingTuesday Crash Course—Your Roadmap to Success
    by Give Lively on November 20, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    WEBINAR: GivingTuesday Crash Course — Your Roadmap to SuccessJamie McDonald, Strategy and Communities Lead at GivingTuesday, joined Give Lively to present a webinar on fundraising strategy for the global day of giving.https://medium.com/media/7e93b09b57a9f08af7b8cfe8e8cac978/hrefAbout this webinar: GivingTuesday 2018 raised over $400 million dollars in online donations, a 46% increase from the year before. GivingTuesday 2019 is predicted to be even bigger and we want to make sure your nonprofit is ready! Whether this is your first GivingTuesday or you’re a seasoned GivingTuesday fundraiser, now is the time to solidify your 2019 campaign strategy.We partnered with the GivingTuesday team to present a webinar that will help your nonprofit fully prepare for one of the most important fundraising days of the year. Jamie McDonald, Strategy and Communities Lead at GivingTuesday, shares insights into what works and helps you make the most of the next few weeks leading up to the global day of giving on December 3. Learn how to incorporate the right Give Lively technology into your campaign strategy to make a big impact, and get inspired to have your best GivingTuesday yet!# # #WEBINAR: GivingTuesday Crash Course—Your Roadmap to Success was originally published in Give Lively on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • How Good+Foundation used Campaign Pages to Enhance their Digital Fundraising
    by Give Lively on November 15, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    Good+Foundation looks to the future with Give LivelyAn in-depth interview with Good+ Giving Coordinator Luke Srodulski about the critical role of digital fundraising.Good+Foundation is a leading national nonprofit, founded by New York Times best-selling author Jessica Seinfeld, that works to dismantle multi-generational poverty by pairing tangible goods with innovative services for low-income families.Good+Foundation augmented their digital fundraising efforts in 2018 by turning to Give Lively’s free technology to power their annual appeals, events, and peer-to-peer campaigns. Jamie Feldman, VP of Nonprofit Membership at Give Lively, sat down with Luke Srodulski, Foundation Giving Coordinator at Good+Foundation, to reflect on the quickly growing nonprofit’s digital fundraising journey.Jamie Feldman, VP of Nonprofit Membership at Give Lively: I know Good+Foundation has been serving the community for over 17 years. What is the origin story?Luke Srodulski, Giving Coordinator at Good+Foundation: We started operations in 2001 as a community drive in New York City to get essential baby gear to new families in need. Years later, when we found that around two-thirds of the families we served were led by single mothers, we set out to work with our partners to intentionally engage fathers. Knowing the importance of two-parent households on child outcomes, we are now offering training to social service providers and advocating for policy reform that strengthens families.JF: It’s fascinating to learn how your work has expanded. What inspires you most about this work?LS: The forward-thinking attitude of our team. We’re always looking to advance our work, even when what we’re doing is working.JF: How does Give+Foundation view the role of digital fundraising?LS: It’s not just standard individual giving that makes using a digital platform so important. We typically host multiple fundraisers each year, and we sell tickets online. These events allow us to build relationships with our donors -individual, corporate and foundation - and the funds we bring in make it possible to continue donating more than $6 million worth of product annually to families in need.JF: Thinking about the role of online donors, how critical are they in sustaining your work?LS: Extremely. Our recurring donors provide continued funds upon which we can rely each month, and individual giving is a great way to spur community engagement. Peer-to-peer fundraisers started for birthdays, baby showers and more lead to more and more people learning about our mission and our work.JF: Before you made the decision to partner with Give Lively, what had been your organization’s experience with fundraising technology?LS: The biggest issue is that our technology has often been outdated and not as streamlined as it needs to be. We had been looking to move to a more affordable and streamlined fundraising platform; however, we know the value of spending more to bring in more, so we weren’t going to move to just any less-expensive platform. We were impressed by the client-centered approach Give Lively takes and how responsive the team is even with a relatively small staff.“We were impressed by the client-centered approach Give Lively takes and how responsive the team is.”JF: Tell us about your first digital fundraising campaign with Give Lively?LS: Adopting the technology was pretty seamless and very user-friendly. Our first fundraising campaign we activated on Give Lively was our general giving campaign, “Help Good+Foundation Strengthen Families,” which is running throughout the year.We link to the campaign page directly from our homepage behind the “Donate Now” button, and provided the link to any partners who wanted to share the page externally. We set a goal of $100,000 to aspire to by the end of the year.We also created a Father’s Day campaign to promote on social media and advertise on external websites with donated media.JF: What made these campaigns successful, and why?LS: I would attribute any success of our campaigns largely to the ease of transferring ideas and designs over from our old fundraising partner without losing many of our old capabilities and without having to sacrifice much in terms of aligning the design with our current branding. We’ve also gained quite a few recurring donors, more than in the same period of time on our old platform.JF: How did the Give Lively platform fit into your existing fundraising strategy?LS: The Give Lively platform has helped specifically in terms of streamlining our individual giving. The simplicity of the campaign page displays fit well into our overall design vision for our newly rebranded website, which focuses on minimalism.By switching to Give Lively, we plan to continue all of our previous digital efforts, such as peer-to-peer and ticketing pages for events, while saving a considerable amount of money and adding more versatile capabilities to our fundraising efforts, like with text-to-donate.Externally, the most effective part of working with Give Lively has been the ability to market lower fees to our donors. When they hear that more of their donations will go directly into our programs, donating to Good+ becomes more attractive.*Learn more about Give Lively and how nonprofits can take advantage of powerful, practical, and free fundraising technology.How Good+Foundation used Campaign Pages to Enhance their Digital Fundraising was originally published in Give Lively on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • Deep Dive: Digital Wallets and The Future of Fundraising
    by Give Lively on May 15, 2019 at 5:05 pm

    https://medium.com/media/7bf1633a5398730a170188e9bb6da9e8/hrefPeople buy everything on their phones from plane tickets to cars, yet nonprofits are still asking donors to mail them checks? The number of donors who prefer to give on their mobile devices is increasing at an exponential rate, and savvy nonprofits are eager to provide a seamless mobile payment experience that modern consumers have come to expect. Despite overwhelming changes in donor behavior, only six percent of nonprofit organizations accept digital wallet payments (Nonprofit Tech For Good). So where is the disconnect?NTC19 Session “Digital Wallets So Hot Right Now” From left to right: Nicko Margolies, Digital Strategist at Malala Fund; David DeParolesa, CEO at Give Lively; Robin DuPont, Director of Social Innovation at Paypal.A recent panel discussion with experts from PayPal, Malala Fund, and fundraising tech innovator Give Lively explored digital wallets for nonprofits alongside other emerging nonprofit tech trends at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Portland, OR. The discussion also included technology’s impact on donor expectations, appealing to younger donors, and increasing online donations.Watch the highlights from the session on the video above.A digital wallet is a saved payment method such as PayPal or Apple Pay that lives on a mobile device or online service to allow an individual to make electronic transactions, often as a one-touch payment. The modern consumer uses digital wallets to make everyday purchases and donate. Robin DuPont, Director of Social Innovation at PayPal noted a significant increase in mobile donations just last year, and Paypal reports a substantial use of digital wallets for donations.The panelists dug into the cause of the nonprofit sector’s overall lack of digital wallet adoption despite widespread use of them by donors. “The platforms [nonprofits] were using in the past didn’t have the capacity to use a digital wallet,” explained David DeParolesa, CEO of Give Lively, one of the first online fundraising platforms offering payments via a digital wallet. “For a nonprofit looking to raise more online, the conversation has been more about building a consumer-friendly experience,” said DeParolesa.Payment via digital wallet is a win for donors and nonprofits. Donors expect a convenient payment experience on their phones, which can ultimately lead to higher donor conversion. “You have to think: what you want is the same thing your consumers want,” said DuPont.“If I have to pull out my credit card and I’m sitting on a train or in a taxi, I’m likely not going to donate — I’ll go back and do it on my desktop, but if there’s a mobile wallet available I’m probably going to donate right at that time.”Malala Fund’s Website (www.malala.org/donate) displaying Apple Pay on Give Lively’s Fundraising Widget.Offering payment via digital wallet was a no-brainer for Malala Fund, a nonprofit organization co-founded by Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai that advocates globally for girls’ education. “We have a young audience and want to be receptive to their needs,’’ said Nicko Margolies, Digital Fundraising Strategist at Malala Fund. Malala Fund aims to get donors through the donation process quickly and easily, then back to learning about the nonprofit’s work. As an organization that promotes the use of tech in social change, they want their supporters to have an experience that’s aligned with their brand and what they expect on other sites.All of this said, not all donors use a digital wallet. If a donor wants to give via check Malala Fund still provides the information to do that. The key is to “allow your donors to give in the way they want to give,” said Margolies. “Keep it simple and straightforward.”About Give LivelyGive Lively is a philanthropist-funded startup disrupting the nonprofit space. We provide innovative fundraising technology to nonprofits for free — seriously. Our operating costs are fully covered so we can build best-in-class tech to help nonprofits raise more online. Members have unlimited access to Give Lively’s always free fundraising platform.Deep Dive: Digital Wallets and The Future of Fundraising was originally published in Give Lively on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • 5 Hot Nonprofit Tech Trends for 2019
    by Sonia Leone on April 17, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    This Spring over 2,000 nonprofit leaders gathered for 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference (19NTC) in Portland, Oregon. The annual conference brings together thought leaders in the field to share the latest and greatest in the nonprofit tech space.https://medium.com/media/a3023066917625d881a092eedaeda3a2/hrefOver the course of three days, dozens of speakers led over 200 sessions across nonprofit fundraising, technology, operations, and more. Give Lively, a philanthropist-founded tech company that builds best-in-class fundraising tech for nonprofits at no cost, led several of the top sessions and stayed up to speed on the emerging tech trends coming to the sector.Here’s what you need to pay attention to:Nonprofits are taking advantage of DIGITAL WALLETS like Apple Pay, Paypal, and Google Pay to make donating easier for donors and most importantly increasing conversion.CHATBOTS AND AI are helping offload time-consuming work for nonprofit employees without replacing them. They are commonly used to segment audiences, answer questions, provide resources, and serve as gatekeepers. This innovative technology helps employees be more strategic without being bogged down.TEXT MESSAGING is still on the rise. Nonprofits are using SMS to engage communities, mobilize supporters, trigger emergency response activations, maintain and scale donor relationships, and complete donations.Nonprofits are improving their DONOR RETENTION strategies and focusing on sustainer programs. Long-term donor retention comes from a combination of segmenting donor pool, personalizing donor content journeys, and investing in a consistent and strategic communication plan.PEER-BASED GIVING continues to gain traction in a world more connected than ever. The power of a digital community is bringing in enormous peer-to-peer dollars for nonprofits of all sizes and through a variety of campaigns. Nonprofits are encouraged to embrace Peer-to-Peer giving to enhance their fundraising campaigns.Embracing any of these trends may be worth considering for your nonprofit in 2019.We’re already looking forward to exploring new innovations and moves in this industry at the 2020 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Baltimore, MD.In the meantime, Give Lively is proud to provide nonprofits with the latest trends and best-in-class technology — for free.About Give LivelyGive Lively is a philanthropist-funded startup disrupting the nonprofit space. We provide innovative fundraising technology to nonprofits for free — seriously. Our operating costs are fully covered so we can build best-in-class tech to help nonprofits raise more online. Members have unlimited access to Give Lively’s always free fundraising platform.5 Hot Nonprofit Tech Trends for 2019 was originally published in Give Lively on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • Video:Get Inspired to Start Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
    by Give Lively on February 20, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    Video: Get Inspired to Start Peer-to-Peer Fundraisinghttps://medium.com/media/7973d489edd86ccbbc21b2897ddb6913/hrefNeed some inspiration to get started with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising? Here are some of our favorite campaigns from 2018:United State of WomenThis year, United State of Women launched the Ambassador Program, a network of over 20 influential leaders recognized for making a difference in their communities.The USOW instructed each ambassador to build their own P2P fundraising page to share their individual story and goal. This personalized approach to fundraising improved overall credibility and established new donor networks.Out In TechThis fall, Out in Tech fundraised to launch a new Fellowship program connecting LGBTQ+ youth to paid internships. Their network wanted a way to contribute beyond donating. Out in Tech used P2P to encourage their followers to start their own fundraising initiatives, all working towards a shared $50,000 goal.To encourage fundraisers, Out in Tech sent regular emails with updates on overall progress and offering incentives along the way. So far, their supporters have created 28 Peer-to-Peer fundraising pages and are projecting to hit their goal before the year-end!Doral AcademyDoral Academy of Northern Nevada used Peer-to-Peer to raise funds for their Athletic department and art programs through a community track event.The students were encouraged to build their own Peer-to-Peer pages and share what the programs meant to them. Doral Academy gave prizes at the track event to the students who reached their fundraising goals. So far, +400 P2P pages have been created, raising over $64,568 and surpassing their original goal of $30,000Get inspired by these creative P2P campaigns then try your own!© Give Lively LLcVideo:Get Inspired to Start Peer-to-Peer Fundraising was originally published in Give Lively on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • Video: A Message from Our CEO
    by Give Lively on February 12, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    https://medium.com/media/5747c7842a07eaf935bd1cbd3e22195d/hrefWatch our CEO David DeParolesa talk about Give Lively’s fundraising platform and unique model of providing best-in-class technology to nonprofits for free.© Give Lively LLCVideo: A Message from Our CEO was originally published in Give Lively on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • Video: How to Build a Campaign Page
    by Give Lively on February 1, 2019 at 4:33 pm

    Start your first Campaign in minutesThis 6-minute video will walk you through the entire process of building your first Campaign Page. Visit the Nonprofit Admin Portal now to get started!https://medium.com/media/b586dd8aaff65a440b3205e42984bee2/href© Give Lively LLCVideo: How to Build a Campaign Page was originally published in Give Lively on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • Your Year-End Tech Needs Are Covered — for Free
    by Give Lively on December 17, 2018 at 6:49 pm

    Your Year-End Tech Needs Are Covered — for FreeGive Lively’s platform has everything you’ll need to succeed.The year-end giving rush is approaching fast, and nonprofits are preparing for the occasion by signing up for latest and greatest in fundraising technology. Enter Give Lively’s free best-in-class, all-in-one fundraising platform. With Give Lively’s platform, you can raise money online, share your fundraising page via email and social media, embed an easy donation checkout flow on your site, bring in donations through Text-to-Donate, and much more, all for free. Seriously. Read on to find out what else you can do to raise more this year-end with Give Lively’s free platform.https://medium.com/media/619b33501cd6683c6b80d43a1519dfa5/hrefFundraising PagesFundraising pages are absolutely necessary for any nonprofit to have success at the end of the year. Last-minute givers won’t be able to send you a check or donate over the phone at 11:55 PM on December 31. Give Lively’s fundraising pages (here’s an example of one) make giving incredibly fast and easy for your donors. They can complete the donation process in just a few seconds whether they’re paying with a credit card, debit card, bank account, or digital wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Your nonprofit can create a fundraising page that includes different donation amount options, a progress meter, your logo, and even video, all in just a few minutes. Once you’re done, you can send out a link to your page in an email, link your page behind a “Donate” button on your site and/or Facebook, share your page on social media, and more.Peer-to-Peer FundraisingIf you’ve never used Peer-to-Peer (P2P) before, year-end is a good time to start. P2P can be incredibly helpful for spreading the word about your organization any time of year. P2P lets your biggest supporters set up their own fundraising pages to benefit your nonprofit. Your Fundraisers can customize their fundraising page with a photo and a personalized message about what your nonprofit means to them, then start sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and via email and text message using easy, one-click social sharing buttons.https://medium.com/media/0c555124404ab0006a35aa83809e763b/hrefEmbeddable WidgetsIf you’re expecting a lot of traffic to your website toward the end of the year, you can embed a mobile-friendly, easy-to-use fundraising form in just a few minutes. It’s as easy as copying and pasting HTML code found in Give Lively’s Nonprofit Admin Portal. We give nonprofits two different options when it comes to fundraising widgets. The Simple Widget is best for your homepage. We developed it with Malala Fund as a quick, easy way for nonprofits to collect donations. It fits anywhere on any site and can include a predetermined donation amount that you set, or a number of donation amount options for donors. The Branded Widget is more customizable. You can include your logo, brand color, impact stories, and more. Plus, your supporters can click “I Want to Fundraise For This” in the widget to create a Peer-to-Peer fundraising page on your behalf in a few seconds.Text-to-DonateText-to-Donate can be a great way to stand out from the crowd on at the end of the year. With our platform, nonprofits create a unique Text Code that reflects their campaign, like “WOMEN” or “CURECANCER”, then spread the word to supporters. When donors text the code to 44–321, a message is sent back to them instantly with a link to your fundraising page, where they can give any amount in just a few seconds. Text-to-Donate is great for creating social media buzz, but can also be effective when promoted through traditional advertising in print, TV, radio, and billboards. Give Lively’s nonprofit partners have had incredible success using Text-to-Donate at events, too. If you’re hosting a year-end event, read on to learn more about Event Ticketing and combining Text-to-Donate with Give Lively’s Live Display to make your event a smashing success.https://medium.com/media/689a3dee725c01f5ee1024be300dfc2e/hrefLive DisplayThe Live Display encourages giving at events by tracking incoming donations, showcasing your Text Code, and recognizing donors when they give. All you need is Wi-Fi and a projector hooked to a computer, then you can access the Live Display in one click through the Nonprofit Admin Portal. Nonprofits have used the Live Display at galas, marches, and all sorts of other events to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for their respective causes. The Live Display works best when your event’s emcee brings the proceedings to a halt and encourages attendees to start giving. If you end up going this route, we will send you a full guide to maximizing donations at your event.Event TicketingGive Lively’s Event Ticketing platform is the only free service on the market for nonprofits, and setting it up is a no-brainer if you’re going to host an event on or leading up to New Years. With our platform, you can promote your event, create different ticket tiers, adjust ticket prices, set sale dates, feature videos, manage seating and sponsorships, and much, much more. Whether you’re thinking about hosting a volunteer get-together, a pizza party, a movie night, or something more formal for year-end, make sure to use Give Lively’s platform to raise more and save on payment processing fees.Now get going! Give Lively’s platform is incredibly easy to set up, but you’ll want to work with your team to determine which features will help you achieve fundraising success this year-end. If you need any help at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Give Lively team via email at [email protected] or over the phone at 1–917–877–0533.© Give Lively LLCYour Year-End Tech Needs Are Covered — for Free was originally published in Give Lively on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

  • How One Grassroots Organization Is Fighting to End Sex Trafficking
    by Give Lively on December 14, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    https://medium.com/media/ca395d65bb4b5461f0af358f73932286/hrefEvery year, hundreds of thousands of women are sold into prostitution.This year-end, we’re thankful for the work of one incredible nonprofit fighting sex trafficking globally. Our Nonprofit of the Month for December — Apne Aap International!Started as a grassroots movement in India to end sex trafficking, Apne Aap focuses on educating and rehabilitating at-risk girls and women as well as pushing for political and social change around the world.Since 2002, Apne Aap has helped form 150 self-empowerment groups in India, successfully lobbied for change at the United Nations, and scaled their model to link over 500,000 women to a nationwide support networkApne App recently raised funds on our event ticketing platform for two high-profile events: the UN viewing of “Love Sonia”, a film inspired by real events, highlighting Apne Aap’s work and “Gloria: A Life”, a play based on the life of renowned feminist Gloria Steinem.Congratulations to Apne Aap International on their success! We’re honored to be their partner to help achieve their vision: a world in which no women or girls are bought or sold.Share this video and donate here to support this incredible organization.© Give Lively LLCHow One Grassroots Organization Is Fighting to End Sex Trafficking was originally published in Give Lively on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


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