Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Funmilayo Chesney Health Coach

Funmilayo’s dish was the Qunioa Sensation! Absolutely delish!

She Won 3rd Place In This Highly Competitive Cook-Off!

Want the ingredients? it’s super easy to request them!

Just leave a reply in the comments field below saying-“Yes” then check your e-mail.

Funmilayo Chesney is a graduate of the prestigious Hippocrates Institute and has been empowering students and clients for over 20 yrs.
Funmi’s interactive nutrition workshop teaches participants to identify their nutritional habits and learn about healthy food choices, food preparation, preferred cooking utensils, benefits of seaweed, cooking oil preferences, whole grains, beans and legumes, and the importance of the acid/alkaline balance in the human body.
Students learn how to eat to maintain weight, skin, teeth, nails, and heart.
Students learn how to make delicious healthy meals on a budget.
Cook to live! Eat for an energetic vital life, Healthy weight, bloodstream, and colon.. eat to live.. cook to live..
Ig: cooktolivehealth

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