Focusing on our short-comings is something we all struggle with from time to time.

Let’s glean insight from the word that will help us as Entrepreneurs and Christian business owners.

The biblical account of Moses describes a scene in which Moses, while at work, sees a bush on fire; however, it is not burning up. And with his curiosity peaking with every step, he draws closer and closer. The sight alone would cause anyone to stand in awe, but what comes next is enough to bewilder all the senses of man. The audible voice of Yahweh creator of the universe addresses Moses! And Moses replies, “here I am” Now, none of us can imagine what this supernatural experience must have been like for Moses.


\Dangers of doubting God


What we can identify with is an internal calling and knowing that the Lord has a mission for us to complete. You see, when God begins to speak with Moses, God reveals to him his intent to bring deliverance from oppression, slavery, and poverty to his people.

But wait! The real jaw-dropping event has yet to take place. As God opens up to Moses and lays bare the empathy for his people, you would think Mose is now halfway down the mountain, ready to end 400 years of slavery, right?

And here’s the jaw-dropping moment I promised you.
Moses says to God, “who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?”


Moses, you just received a prophecy that completely falls in-line with the scriptures, God said he was going to do it, when he called you you said “Here I am” but now your “here I am” has turned into “who am I”?

Moses’s doubting doesn’t end there. He continues desperately trying to convince God that he’s got the wrong guy. Moses proceeds now to pull out his list of “Everything that’s wrong with me volume 1” and tell me if this sounds familiar to you.

Exodus 4: 1
1) People will not receive the messages I preach, and they won’t believe in my ministry.

Exodus 4:10
2) There are specific skills and talents in the natural that I don’t have, so that will hinder what I can accomplish in the Spirit.

Exodus 4:13
3) Ok, I know this is your will, and I know that you are able, but I’ll probably find a way to mess it up, so send someone else!

How often as entrepreneurs and business owners do we entertain similar thoughts.

Before I say my next point, I want to preface it with this; God is patient. Quite honestly, what God possesses for man the word patient doesn’t begin to describe it. With that said, please understand that your business or ministry is not for you; it’s for the Lord and his glory, so to delay and doubt means you are hindering God from receiving the glory owed to him.

Therefore, God didn’t coddle Moses as he tried to reject the call.
The bible says- Exodus 4:14 Then the anger of the Lord was kindled against Moses.


Understand the wisdom of God. I am not saying natural talent and ability are unnecessary. As you read further, God tells Moses that he will partner him up with Aaron, his brother, who has the natural skills that Moses lacks, and I think you know where I’m going with this. God will send people your way that can do what you can’t do so that you may accomplish his will. I would argue that he has to do it like this because if we didn’t need other human beings with talents AND faults of their own, we would fall into pride and self-glorification.

In my conclusion

God has given you this business idea so that he can use it as a vehicle to build up his kingdom. But if you continue to focus on everything your not, you will put your destiny in danger.

Stop Focusing On Your Short-Comings
Stop Focusing On Your Short-Comings
In this article we discuss the pitfalls and dangers of focusing on our short-comings rather than on God's ability to accomplish his will through us. We put this concept into the context of entrepreneurship. As a Christian business owner you recognize the opportunity of using your business as a vehicle to build up the kingdom of God.


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