Monday, January 20, 2020

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Christian Entrepreneur- Know Your True Identity!

 Identity CrisisThe world we live in today is going through its own personal "Identity Crisis. Looking all around us, we realize no one seems...

Entrepreneurs, Stop Focusing On Your Short-Comings!

Focusing on our short-comings is something we all struggle with from time to time. Let's glean insight from the word that will help us as...

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Boost Your Productivity

Stimulating your own personal economy

This article will help you evaluate where you are in your life and where you are trying to go. Accomplishing your goals is really all about your perceptions and how you look at things. If you change the way you look at a situation, the situation changes. when you reinvent your thought patterns and redirect your mind to draw positive energy from your pain. It will allow you to evolve into spiritual strength, growth, and freedom.


The BlaQue Resource Network Events

A list of all the upcoming entreprenurial events posted in one of our connected Facebook Groups: BlaQue Resource Network.


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Vegan Ventures Cook-Off

Entrepreneur’s Resource Room

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Guest Blogging

About Us It is our mandate to provide helpful content and foster meaningful relationships within the African-American Business Community. When you join the community we encourage you to Share, Connect, And Promote. Share As a guest blogger you will provide valuable insight and information on...

An Excellent Brand Strategy will Draw in Your Ideal Customer

A brand is MUCH more than a logo. It should evoke emotions, instill values, and move you to action.

A VERIFIED List Of Black Brands On Amazon!

Co-created by a young British-Nigerian engineer, MekaMons are four-legged robots that players can control via a smartphone using a companion app for augumented reality gameplay. Multiple players can battle their bots against each other HOW AWESOME IS THE IDEA OF PUTTING A...

Entrepreneur’s Resource Room

  Checkout The Home of Entrepreneur's Resource Room Podcast here